Overpriced Food Saved Me During Exam Week

I spend a lot of money on food. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I spend a lot of money on CHEAP food. Sure it's the good kind, but it's still hella cheap. Which I suppose can be a problem. Feeling like I haven't spent very much money on food, all the while indulging in it 10x more than I normally would, means my bank account becomes empty a whole lot faster. Oh er, but we're talking about how EXPENSIVE food kept me sane. I'll start again.

UGH, Poetry Books Annoy Me

Alright, alright, you got me. I don't actually hate poetry books. While I am terrible with money, I'm not terrible enough to spend 40+ on books just so I can create nice cover pictures. Actually, ignore what I just said. Only one of the books in this picture is actually a poetry book, I cropped out the other one. My bad!

Links That You'll Probably Adore #1

The internet is huge. No, the internet is massive. It's a never ending being, that just doesn't know when to stop. It's the biggest of the big. Well not really, but you get my point. Things get lost. So I thought I'd use the end of this month or rather, the start of a new month, as an opportunity to share some of the content that I personally have enjoyed reading. Hopefully you'll find something that interests you, but if not! You can always come back the next time I do one of these and try your luck then.

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